Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
A couple of weeks ago Matt replaced a cracked pvc pipe vent cone on the back side of my roof, while he was up there he also repaired some shingles and nails that had come loose, My roof is about 18 years old. Matt did a great job and I thought his pricing was very fair.

A week ago he came back out and replaced my attic fan and repaired quite a few shingles around where the attic fan goes through the roof. His installation of the fan and work inside the attic was very professional, he re-mounted the wiring leading to the fan that was just hanging from the original attic fan and he neatly mounted to thermostat box close to the fan. Overall he did a real nice job and I would definitely recommend Matt. We also discussed a new roof that I will probably need in a few years. His pricing was well below what I expected. I will definitely use him for the new roof. I understand that he his a licensed contractor for many other home services.

B Hanny

I work for Orkin. I came across Matt while looking for a general contractor. He has completed several jobs for me so far and I am beyond impressed with his response time, quality of work, and how easy it is to do business with. 10/10.

Hillary D.

Matt and his team re-roofed our boathouse. When he came out for the estimate, I found him to be knowledgeable and professional. He created an atmosphere of trust which was imperative to me. The project was completed on time and the end result was excellent with a high attention to detail. M&D Roofing and Renovation provided an excellent end product at a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend his services.


Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
I discovered roof damage and was recommended this company by both a friend and a Facebook group. I called on Monday, they did the inspection and provided an estimate on Tuesday, and did all the work (along with painting and sealing my front door facade and the garage door frame) on Wednesday.
No muss, no fuss. Everything was smoothly installed and looks great. I will definitely keep them in mind for future projects!

Christopher O'Brien

Don't let the name limit you with M&D Roofing and Renovations, Matt and his crew did a fantastic job on my roof as well as many other projects around my house. Matt is extremely knowledgeable and does great work. On top of that he communicates very well what he is doing and why. I have had experiences with others that just do the job and it looked nice when complete, but then later we found out some things were not done properly that we could not see. Matt's commitment to doing a job properly and completely shines through with everything he does. I look forward to using M&D Roofing and Renovations again.

Story: I had bought a house that was in need of repairs including a few items needed on the roof, including a structural repair. I know quite a bit about home renovations as I used to own my company and was planning on doing a lot of the work myself. However, after talking with several contractors, I decided to go with M&D Roofing and Repair as Matt was able to offer a repair for the structural issue and then ended up replacing the entire roof. Matt also pointed out a wall that was crooked, something that neither of my inspectors had caught in the home inspection or the structural engineer later. I had hired him to correct the issue with that wall as well. As Matt was working on the roof, I discovered several other structural issues with the house, including some pretty significant structural issues. Matt and his crew was able to fix all of the issues and were able to do so properly and they went above and beyond to ensure that little details throughout the project were discussed. Once the structural issues were complete, I was working to finish the garage into livable square footage. In that process, the floor needed to be leveled. Matt once again stepped up and was able to discuss with me his approach and was able to describe his approach in a manner that made me feel very comfortable, so I went ahead and hired M&D Roofing and Renovations for that work. They did a great job and now I can move forward with my project. The project is still ongoing and I will be discussing with Matt some other items that he may very well be able to complete for me. He has shown me some finishing work he has done and they look amazing.

Bottom Line: I would highly suggest you talk with M&D Roofing and Renovations no matter what the job is, especially larger jobs that many other smaller companies would have a hard time managing. Matt's knowledge and drive to do a job properly make them stand out of the crowd against other contractors.

Shaun M.

Matt and his crew put a new roof on my house. I noticed a leak and he came out next day, walked me through what he saw, repaired a couple places to tide me over until I could put a roof on. Then he took the cost of the repair out of the new roof price so I wouldn't pay unnecessarily for a repair that I would be replacing later.

He saw a couple things on my privacy fence that were problematic and fixed them for me at no charge.

His pricing is VERY reasonable and better than anyone else that I've gotten estimates from. The workmanship, professionalism and attention to detail will make this team my go to for home repairs and renovations.

I've already discussed some future remodels and I have no doubt the work will be too notch just like everything else he's down and helped me with so far.

I highly recommend this team for anything you need around your house.

courtney s.

Matt and the M&D Team removed a section of the drywall ceiling in my garage that had significant mold and mildew resulting from a leaking deck above a section of the garage. The ceiling contained insulation that was wet and moldy and clearly presented a health problem. Upon arrival, the team immediately went to work to remove the damaged ceiling section and insulation. They installed new insulation and drywall and provided a professional finish with tape and joint compound. They removed all of the moldy drywall and insulation and left the work area clean. Their repair looked significantly better than the original drywall job in the remaining areas of the garage. The M&D team was professional, knew what they were doing and completed the job in a timely fashion. In addition to being friendly and doing a great job, the price was extremely reasonable. I highly recommend Matt and the M&D Team!

James G.

Matt and his team were great. I had Matt and his team come do a roof inspection after purchasing a new house. Originally I was considering just going with having some repairs to the roof and then having a replacement done in a few years, but with Matt offering a veterans discount without my asking it made more sense to do a replacement now. Matt and his team replaced the roof in 1 day and did a fantastic job including clean up. Would highly recommend.

David S.

I was very impressed with Matt and his crew. The job was completed in a timely manner. The roof looks great and the site was cleaned and tidied after they finished the install. I recommend M&D for your next roofing job.

Ana M.

I had companies quote me wayyy above M&D, as if I'm Bill gates or something. They installed quality shingles for an AMAZING price. I really appreciate them looking out for my wallet. For those prices I wasn't expecting the quality that they provided. Awesome job, definitely recommend.

Alexander D.

M&D Roofing and Ronovations did an awesome job replacing our deck and shed roofs. They also Installed a privacy fence for us. Mat was very friendly snd professional, his crew worked hard to get the job done in the time we were given. We will be using them again in the on some other things we want done.. THANKS MAT AND CREW

Kekisha D.

They fixed my front fascia, my gutters, some drywall work that some other contractors did a shotty job on, and painted a few rooms. Not only were they professional and on time, but they did a great job. We just purchased a new house and have already scheduled them to do some work in there. Oh yeah, they were VERY well priced also.

Curley Williams

Great job and highly recommend for your roofing needs.

Lulu 1979

Excellent roofer ! Good price, excellent materials, forthright suggestions with no salesmanship and faultless installation. I'd use them again in a heartbeat !

Scott T.

Outstanding service and fair price. Very professional with the installation and prompt and helpful communication throughout the process. Highly recommend!

Al F.

Very respectful and gave good advice!! A job well done!!

LaTisha Rowe-Thomas

Very professional would definitely use again

Gary Moneymaker

The very best at what they do

Don S.

They did a great job on the repairs on one of my rental properties. They were prompt and was out there in the cold getting it done even on a Sunday. I felt we got a good deal and honest estimate on future work.

Harvey Frazier

Just had Matt and Floyd out at the house, after a same day telephone call. Diagnosed the leak and made a temporary fix until the spring! Seems like a great guy, very professional and timely response. Appreciate his honesty. Hopefully no more serious snow storms until we can get it fix correctly.

Susan Krum

Someone recommended Matt to me when I was looking for someone to complete a few projects in our home. He was very kind, professional, welcoming & very knowledgeable. Before Matt came over, we had someone come by to figure out where our water damage was coming from and the person said "he honestly doesn't know". Matt was able to pinpoint the issues we were having within minutes of being in our home. Not only did he find that issue, he also found some issues with our roof and our master bathroom. He also saved us money by informing us what we can do ourselves! Matt will also be painting our home soon. He will definitely be used for our future home projects. highly recommend!!!!

Beatrice Heidkamp

I had Moss on part of my Shingles . Matt came buy and inspected the rood . He replaced the said shingles and gave me a really good price for todays work and to replace the whole roof and a gutter cap when it is needed. He did a excellent job today . prices are very fair .

Gary & Dawn Spielberg

Matt was responsive right from the start. Very personable and professional. They replaced my entire front porch posts and rails with vinyl/composite. Fantastic job! Matt takes a lot of pride in his work and will be sure you are completely happy before leaving. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Caison

Great customer service and attention to detail.

Joshua Lauff

M & D Roofing & Renovations has performed top quality work for great prices, for me & a few clients of mine in Real Estate. Highly recommended !